Panasonic launches Lumix DMC GF2. One of the product system camera LUMIX G Series lenses that adapt to technology-based micro-four-thrid.

Having a small and lightweight body. The camera system with lenses that can be Replaced.

Your freedom to change their range of lenses to suit your photograph.

LUMIX GF2 can find a very interesting series of lenses, to make a true friend in your camera.

GF2 with standard micro four thirds, according to the use of an optional mount adapter DMW-MA1 or lens prestigious Leica M / R, for exploration unlimited cameras with various lens types.

Completeness Dust Reduction System technology that can banish dust or foreign objects into the camera when you change lenses.

Easy Operating intuitive touch screen and graphic user interface that lets you determine the focus point of the object image with just one touch only.

Image Recording Quality on Form 1920x1080 AVCHD Full HD Movie. This camera is capable of recording movies are very good quality.

Face detection feature automatically detects faces in a frame and adjusts focus, exposure, contrast, and color, the picture becomes real and beautiful.

DMC-GF2 is a work of art that not only in form, also in the features in the camera.

My Recommended color mode, with 8 color choices helpless high art, the user can adjust colors, brightness, saturation and contrast.


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