United States - U.S. Geological Survey scientists predicted that California Superstorm, Superstorm will happen in the future. We know here in Southern California we are in the best earthquake territory, but scientists on Friday ended a conference of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Geological Survey and the California Emergency Management Agency convened. Based on a forecasting model, said Geological Survey Director Mark K. McNutt of the New York Times that the storm could last for more than 40 days.

California's geologic history shows how "California Superstorms" have happened in the past. In winter 1861, he rushed for 45 days, drinking a 300-mile long 20-mile strip of California from Sacramento to Bakersfield.

Forecasts such as these make me even more shaky on the concept of educating our young family in such precarious territory. Was anyone really meant to live in this part of the country?

If you are a Californian, this is something that you think. If so, how to prepare?


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