Dell Notebook XPS 15 and XPS 17 - Dell recently announced a change in the Notebook XPS 15 and XPS 17 with a more simple exterior. With Intel mainboard Huron River and Sandy Bridge processor, quad-core processor with NVIDIA graphics.

XPS 17 new models will be supported 3DTV, Blu-ray. Version of this notebook has NVIDIA graphics Optimus to increase battery life. Also equipped with a 1080p resolution screen, quad Core i7 system that can stream such as Widi resolution.

Meanwhile XPS 15, 2GB GT graphics processor NVIDIA 540M, while the XPS 17 offer 3GB GeForce 555M.

XPS 15 weighs 3kg and XPS 17 - 3,7 kg. This notebook is facilitated USB 3.0 ports and HD cameras Skype certified. Price  XPS 15 U.S. $ 1050and XPS 17 U.S. $ 900.


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