God of Love Short Film - Oscars 2011 | We feel that the funny writer and director Luke Matheny and his short film "God of Love, " got the attention of Hollywood when the film won the Oscar for live-action short film.

The short films often make or break Oscar pools. While I called The Lost Thing animated, my favorite of the pants, but not NYU film grad predict God of love, which won best live action short film. This is one of the cases in which I have listened to what people told me they wanted instead of my own taste. Franco calls NYU is one of several colleges he has visited. With the short doc Stranger No More, a beautiful film about an Israeli school cares about refugees, I thought it could win, but went for the warriors of Quingang, a Chinese village fighting against chemical polluters. It was a toss-up. But Stranger No More won.

In "God of Love, " the New York University film student plays the leading role in the film, the multiple pop-jazz standards and a "Woody Allen-type" has humor.

Here is the overview:

"The Adventures of Salon-Singen Darts Champion Raymond Goodfellow, whose prayers are answered - literally -. if he receives a package of passion-inducing darts"


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