Kaspersky Lab Security - Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 new services for data security for users of smart phones. The new version of Kaspersky Lab's output can be run on the Android platform, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

Users also can filter the calls and unwanted SMS, by making a list of contacts that desirable and undesirable (white list and black list).

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is designed to protect your smart phone, from malware, spam, block unwanted calls, hides certain files and contacts from people who are not responsible.

With unique technology, privacy protection, users only need to press one button to hide the contacts and their data. Includes also a list of incoming calls, SMS and contacts list and call them off.

Contacts also can be hidden automatically, after a specified idle period, remotely or by sending an SMS which has been set.

Sergey Nevstruyev, Vice President at Kaspersky Lab explains: "If your confidential data is lost when your smart phone is stolen or lost, you can delete or block them via long distance."

For mobile users based on Symbian OS and Windows Mobile, can protect files with passwords and strong encryption algorithms.


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