Samsung Galaxy Tab series - Reported the news that Samsung is a 8.9-inch tablet for Android in the first half of the year. This, according to a Samsung spokesman in an interview with the reputable news site on the phone. Also notes local media reports that the tablet could, for sale as early as next month. We first heard about Samsung plans for 7 -, 8 - and 10-inch tablet way back in June - long before the 7-inch Tab Galaxy was announced. Now, with the 10.1-inch model official, there is no reason a 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab by summer doubts.

Samsung Galaxy Tab with Cortex-A8 processor 1 Ghz and graphics ProverVR SGX540, and 512 MB RAM. Internal memory 16 GB MicroSD slot support up to 32 GB. But unfortunately this device is not using SUPER AMOLED screen like that is widely used in android Samsung products, such as Samsung Galaxy S for example. It is an area of 7-inch screen is big enough from most smartphones currently available, but this one device is still quite comfortable when held.


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