Panasonic Add Skype to Three Blu-ray Players. Panasonic also offers a video Skype on certain HDTV models using the optional camera. This company will bring the same functionality to Blu-ray.

Panasonic will provide Skype service through a new freetalk camera for Blu-ray BDT110 series, BDT210, and BDT310, at a price of U.S. $ 99. Consumers can access Skype on Blu-ray.

Users can also receive video messages, using a device such as a video answering machine. Even when condition off, users can record Skype voice messages to the SD card.

Video camera equipped with Skype will be available later this month. For the price of BDT U.S. $ 110 to 149.99, and BDT210 for U.S. $ 199.99. The price of BDT310 U.S. $ 249.99 .


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