The flurry of Apple selling iPad 2, the rumored Apple was designing iOS 4.3.1, to be marketed.

Report from Boy Genius Report says Apple's previous operating system launches iOS 4.3, which is used for iPad 2. Spread the news iOS 4.3.1 will appear shortly. For 3G iPhone operating system and iPad.

iOS 4.3.1 to fix a damaged memory problem, when reading big files from the file system. This system is to coat the security system.

After three days iPad 2 was released, developers have destroyed the Comex hackers jailbreak the device. Boy Genius Report, reported iOS 4.3.1 can prevent it.

Apple has not commented about the iOS 4.3.1. iOS 4.3 introduces new features, users can perform video streaming over Wi-Fi network at home.

Other capabilities of the iOS 4.3 is the ability to transition to an Apple iPad slideshow on TV and vice versa. And control slides, which works as a control to disable the iPad.


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