Nine latest Canon's Legria camcorders: Legria FS 46, Legria FS 406, Legria HF R28, Legria HF R26, Legria HF M41, Legria HF M400, Legria HF S30, Legria HF G10 and XA 10. Nine of this camcorder to take entry-level ranks of the professional class, using flash memory as storage media.

Nine Legria camcorder has all the latest features, such as the presence of filters to beautify the video recordings, decor with a touch by the user, to the CMOS sensors that enhance video quality.

New features:

Cinema-Look Filters bring a camera image quality widescreen movies with 8 choices of filters. Story Creator which can help users retrieve some videos separately and combine them into one. To use the theme, there are 5 options such as Travel, Kids & Pets, Party, Ceremony and Blog. Cinema Style feature is present in HF Legria type M41/400, HF G10, and XA 10.

Decoration Touch is able to present a special attraction will be the result of recording video with only a draw or add animations via the LCD touch screen measuring 3 inches. This feature is found in type R series Canon Legria HF, HF M series, HF G10, and Canon XA 10.

Video recording quality can not leave the presence of sensor camcorder. Legria using CMOS HD Camcorder Pro Sensor size 1 / 3 inch with 2:37 megapixel resolution with Canon Professional Camcorder XF Series. The sensor is able to provide high sensitivity, so that when recording video with low-light conditions is not a barrier to the user. This sensor used in Canon camcorders Legria HF type M Series, HF G10, and XA 10.


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