Castlerigg - Mystery rocks arranged regularly in the mainland United Kingdom has not been solved. This makes the place visited by travelers who are interested in form and story.

One of the famous in the United Kingdom is Stonehenge. Castlerigg is an ancient stone circle near Keswick, England.

Castlerigg is a pre-historic monuments and stone circles of the most visited in Cumbria, North West England. Castlerigg is a metamorphic slate in a flat circle, measuring 32.6 meters.

Stone heaviest estimated about 16 tons while the highest about 2.3 meters. Castlerigg stone circle was built around 3200 BC, became one of the early stone circles in Britain and probably in Europe.

This place is also surrounded by myth that it is impossible to calculate the number of stones that were there and every effort will produce different answers. Some calculations put the number 38 and 42 but as shown on the National Trust information board mentions the number 40.

Castlerigg development until now has not known for certain, an idea connected with ax industry Langdale Neolithic era that are nearby. This stone circle as a meeting place where stone axes traded or exchanged. Castlerigg could be a space where rituals and ceremonies are performed.

Whatever the story Castlerigg, this is the place to visit when traveling to England. Views of the hills around the eye also looks refreshing.


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