Apple iPad 2 makes the game maker for more processing power gaming features.

Game become selling points for Apple. From the Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone have been providing gaming applications. There are more than 65 thousand applications games sold in the Apple Store.

Game is provided using a large HD screen. Apple is very successful in packing quality games, and narrow the gap between console and portable gaming market.

Since 11 March starting iPad 2 opening game network video applications. With dual camera, built-in gyroscope, and HDMI connectivity for playback of HD TV, adding perfection game play.

Game developers assess iPad 2 has a significant capability in presenting the game. Travis Vice President of EA Mobile praised the presence of two cameras in front and back that can be used as a key component of a game or social interaction.

Brian Selzer, president and founder Ogmento believe iPad 2 will open new opportunities for game Augmented Reality (AR). Currently, the new AR game available on the device Sony PSP, and Nintendo will be launched to 3DS format. ''There are two cameras that AR could bring virtual characters more life, with real-world background.''

Kalei Play one game that is provided in the IPAD 2 becomes apparent why iPad provides the two cameras. Users can take photos and download them into the game.

Mark Rein Epic Games Vice President of the newly released iPad 2 game praised Infinity Blade, which has nine times the graphics power of the first generation iPad. Many game developers benefit from these technologies.

The presence of HD TV and two cameras, as well as a built-in gyroscope iPad 2, a game that is really interesting and have selling power. Not a few major gaming companies in America began to enter bids iPad 2 game to game.


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