Apple's iPad 2 announcement - Apple thinks 2011 the year of the second iPad. This morning Apple's press event has come and gone, and as you have probably noticed, we covered almost every aspect of it. IPad 2 itself, the new features and applications come with iOS 4.3, 100m and 15m and IPAD iPhone sales, also the new device's funky magnetic case. It is also likely to perform better with a new (possibly dual-core) processor and more RAM. There are a lot of other rumors are, however, we have to see what, if any, pan out. And let us not forget that today a new ipad not the only option. Hopefully we will learn iOS of updates, you may iOS 5th

Apparently Steve Jobs is back. He reiterated that tablets are post-PC devices, not an extension of the PC market, and that while Apple is doing is right (implicitly) seems that many companies do not.


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