London - The fall of insurance stocks after an earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter in Japan that sparked tsunami height of 10 meters. European stock markets fell in trading Friday (11 / 3).

Shares of Swiss Reinsurance Co. and Munich Re as the world's largest reinsurance company fell 3.5%. FTSE down 0.5% to 276.44 in London. In this week's index to be depressed to 1.9% after falling for three days of trade.

In China there is inflation and industrial production more than forecast in February. This gives a signal of monetary tightening in the country.

Shares of Swiss Re,
a reinsurance company in the world's second largest fall 4.6%. Munich Re fell 3.9%. The decline this insurance stock average fell 2.5% and the most since November last year.

"The risk investors began to deteriorate. There are a number of factors that make us cautious in the short term. We recommend to take some profits," said Graham Secker, head of European equity strategy at Morgan Stanley in London.

Brenchmark Pacitif MSCI Asia index fell 0.1% after the Japanese quake occurred off the northern coast of Japan.


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