Digg Founder "Kevin Rose" resigned from his company. He ensures resigned via Twitter.

''I did resign, but I will continue to provide suggestions Digg and serving directors, and recording Diggnation, as I do since Matt Williams joined.''

TechCrunch reported Kevin Rose is close to completing funding for a new startup. And this news has developed a few months ago.

Kevin Rose founded Digg in December 2004, and rapidly developing. On his way, Digg has decreased. Rose develop other businesses such as a newsletter / podcast Foundation.

Kevin Rose backed Digg from in recent months, he led the company began to face the problem of layoffs, management changes, and other problems. His replacement is Matt Williams, a former manager at Amazon.

At the launch of the New Digg, in August last year, Kevin Rose was trying to regain its customers. Competitors like Reddit and StumbleUpon have benefited from the exodus of users of Digg.

Kevin Rose also investing into several social media that is Gowalla, Twitter, Foursquare, Dailybooth, NGMOCO, SimpleGeo, 3crowd, OMGPOP, Square, up, Chomp. and Formspring.


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