How do you lose weight? Did you know you can lose weight by improving the sleep quality. If you want to lose weight, sleep longer. The study found that people who slept only briefly, more at risk of weight gain than those who slept longer. Those who slept for a while, will have trouble sleeping.

The results express a sleep disorder can disrupt hormone balance. This can lead to decreased levels of "hunger hormone" leptin. that trigger you to eat more.

Researchers from the United States analyzed the activity of sleep and energy use in 14 nurses from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC. Participants are asked to wear arm bands, serves to measure the movement, body temperature, posture and other indicators that show the activity and rest.

"Basically, we want to know what causes the difference in weight and why sleep and weight seem linked," said Dr. Arn Eliasson.

Eliasson said: stress plays a role in reducing the duration and quality of sleep and improve habits like eating and other causes of obesity. "Stress can disrupt sleep," Eliasson said when presenting his findings on the American Thoracic Society's show annual meeting.

Eliasson also said stress and lack of rest makes individuals become less organized than those with normal weight. They are stress and lack of rest, must do more business and accomplish the same task. This will add to stress and encourage them to unhealthy habits such as overeating.


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