Multiple Myeloma (Myelodysplastic syndrome), a cancer that starts in plasma cells, white blood cell types. In normal blood cells most of the blood cells develop from cells in the bone marrow called stem cells. Bone marrow is the soft material in the middle of most bones.

Adult stem cells into various types of blood cells. White blood cells help fight infection. Red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues throughout the body. Platelets help form blood clots that control bleeding. Plasma cells, white blood cells that make antibodies. White blood cells work with other parts of the immune system, to help protect the body from germs and harmful substances. Each different type of plasma cells make antibodies.

Multiple myeloma, blood cells grow out of control when the body does not require any new cells replace old cells. These cells form a tissue called a tumor. Cells that form the network are then urged to normal cells in the body. The cells are then attached to the bone. Because these cells have an impact on bone, referred to as multiple myeloma.

Bone pain, in the back, a broken bone in the spine, feeling weak and very tired, very thirsty, frequent infections and fevers, body weight decreased dramatically, nausea or constipation, frequent urination.

Symptoms are not caused by cancer. Anyone with these symptoms should tell your doctor so that problems can be diagnosed and treated early.


Up to now unknown official treatment for this disease, although there are therapies that slow the rate of disease. The main objective of treatment is to control symptoms and help sufferers to live a normal life.


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