Myanmar - At least 25 people were killed and dozens of buildings destroyed when an earthquake rocked Myanmar near the Thai border.

Myanmar officials warn there may be "many casualties" in the Tarlay city, 10 mens, a boy and 13 women were killed when an earthquake.

"Five monasteries and 35 buildings collapsed. The people were killed when buildings collapsed," the official said.

Twenty people were injured in the district Tachileik, and main roads damaged by the quake.

Residents throughout the region fled their homes, tall buildings swayed and hospitals and schools were evacuated.

The quake struck 60 miles north of Chiang Rai and 150 miles north-northeast of Chiang Mai, Thailand's second city and popular tourist destination.

Thailand's meteorological department said it had registered six large aftershocks after the initial quake.

Shocks felt in China's southwest Yunnan, but no casualties or collapsed buildings.

The earthquake reportedly caused cracks in some houses and schools around the Xishuangbanna region, which borders Myanmar, and the aftershocks forced many people to spend the night outdoors.

The earthquake occurred two weeks after the Japanese earthquake rocked the monster, which releases the tsunami disaster that killed around 27,000 people, or disappeared and triggered a crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

No tsunami warning after quake Myanmar. U.S. seismologists said it was too far inland to generate devastating waves in the Indian Ocean.

USGS originally recorded as a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, but later revised down to 6.8.


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