This is ridiculous. Rebecca Black, high school students in California became a sensation in cyberspace after uploading his songs on YouTube. I was so bad, millions of people are "forced" to listen to a song called "Friday" is only to censure him.

This song has been recorded at least 16 million hits on the YouTube site. Rebecca even beat Japan's earthquake and tsunami as the trending topics on Twitter microblogging. "I'm very flattered. So many talented people who turned out to know my song," Rebecca said on his Twitter account.

"Yesterday, Thursday, today Friday, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday came after," the lyrics of the song. Lyrics of this song, Time magazine to label Friday as "a new level for the definition of bad" while Yahoo said the song Rebecca is the worst song of all time.

Critics of this song is not weird. Rebecca is not the girl with extraordinary musical talent. "Friday" written for Rebeeca by Ark Music Factory. "Inadvertently, this song actually justify the poor quality of the pop music world today," said Rolling Stone magazine writer, Matthew Perpetua.


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