Cancer and Salamander - Cancer cells arise because of the change and mutate, and tumor suppressor genes in our body is not functioning. Scientists at the University of Nottingham managed to get around it by controlling the condition of cancer cells. They activate the cancer suppressor gene with axolotl oocyte extract.

The scholar said that the discovery is a powerful new technology for the treatment of several types of cancer.

Researchers then glanced axolotl salamander species. This beast is known by its ability to regrow body parts. The scientists found that the protein substances in human and axolotl have in common. The axolotl oocyte, salamander eggs before ovulation, contain active molecules which modify the epigenetic and strong capacity to alter epigenetic marks on DNA of human cells.

When dealing with a cancer cell axolotl oocyte extract, the researchers were able to reactivate tumor suppressor genes and stop cancer growth. In fact, the presence of cancer cells is not evident after 60 days later.

The researchers said the identification of protein substances in the egg axolotl oocytes are capable return circumstances that suppress cancer cells is a breakthrough in cancer treatment. And represents a promising drug in the fight against cancer. The findings of the research team University of Nottingham has also been published in the journal Molecular Cancer.


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