Protests in Syria. In connection with "Murder at the Mosque" against the opponents of Assad's government. Syrian security forces attacked the mosques, which reportedly killed 6 people. And Syria's military said they killed "armed groups".

Syrian security forces attacked the "armed groups" in the mosque Daraa city, on Wednesday (03/23/2011). Killed Ali Ghassab a-Mahamid, a famous doctor in town Daraa.

Government official, Mahamidm said those killed had been taken to hospital, and they are armed groups.

The security forces attacked the people who are in Omari mosque, and a number of people present in the mosque were arrested. And a member of the Syrian military forces reportedly killed.

Before the attack, the Syrian government forces cut off electricity and telephone networks.

Then protests erupted in cities Daraa. Al-Assad's regime is very cruel to people, especially those who are Sunnis, because al-Assad is Alaiywin minority that ruled over the Sunni groups.


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