Tennis Indian Wells 2011 - Novak Djokovic playing superb in defeating Rafael Nadal in a three-set battle 4-6 6-3 6-2, in the Indian Wells Masters Final on Monday (3/21/2011). The victory is once again extending the record Djokovic wins in 18 matches during the year 2011.

After winning the Australian Open and the Dubai Tennis Championships, Djokovic continued consecrated himself as a master at this season. That's evidenced Djokovic by re-aside Nadal in this prestigious tournament.

Interesting battles have occurred since the initial sets. Both the world's top tennis player is immediately showed his ability. However, Nadal is more controlled game in the opening set. Djokovic broke Nadal three, before closing the set 4-6.

The second set of this Spanish tennis player started the match with a sensational service. But Djokovic is able responds by implying that he deserved to be world number two new ones.

Some successful Djokovic backhand generate points. Djokovic falls hard forehand just inside the line. Djokovic also won the second set 6-3 and make the position a draw back.

Increasingly fierce battle in the third set. However, Nadal made a mistake a lot like a blow to serve out the field. While Djokovic able to master the situation and reap the point by point.

Nadal tried to improve its performance during the second service. Unfortunately, he re-make 11 errors, while his opponent only made two mistakes Service. Djokovic led 4-0, then closed the game 6-2.


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