Windows 8 - Microsoft will not release a Windows operating system, for the tablets until the summer of 2012. Microsoft does not plan to challenge Apple and Google, with an operating system that is applied to the tablet until the end of next year.

This news is a further setback for companies that dominate the PC market, but trying to enter the tablet market is already dominated by Apple's IOS.

Operating system Windows 7 on a tablet seems less than ideal. Then Microsoft made the next version of Windows that run on devices with ARM processor.

launched the iPad 2 on 2 March and the possibility of occupying 90% market share of tablets. And Xoom, tablet output Motorola Honeycomb with Google's operating system was released last month.

News report noted that Microsoft should update Windows 7 for tablet devices. On the other hand is the Business Insider reported last Monday that Microsoft plans to run Windows 8 for the tablets at the end of June 2011.

This plan was leaked because of Dell's tablet, with the Windows 8 operating system and is scheduled to arrive on the market in early 2012.


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