"If Not Now, When?", Incubus returned to give a surprise to the fans. Incubus music video presents "Adolescents".

Launched Stereoboard, this video is packaged in a simple concept nuanced black and white. The video is only focused on the game music from Incubus respective personnel as well as action from the vocalist, Brandon Boyd.

"'Adolescents' describe the noise that are characteristic of rock songs," says Brandon. "Commenting further on this album, for songs like" Promises, Promises' and 'Friend & Lovers' reveals the elegant side, and psychological space of the band through the development of music. "

"Three songs are still in the stage of writing. I think we are beginning to understand that we're trying something new," added Brandon. "Album 'If Not Now, When?" Our work is spontaneous, romantic, luxury, speak about love to the world. It is darker, slower, richer, more subtle and involves a lot of Incubus that persist to this day. "

"Adolescents"is a mainstay of the first single from seventh album, "If Not Now, When?". The plan, the album was scheduled to be released in the U.S. around July.

Incubus - "Adolescents" Official Music Video:


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