For the millionaires who are fond of high speed and performance, is a highly anticipated news. Hypercar Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang 01 will be exhibited at the show Principaute, Monaco and sold for those interested.

The uniqueness of these hypercar carbon material is the use of aluminum in its body, has the mileage on the speedometer 3790 km and was made in 2008. Other privileges, he is one of the series Pur Sang which made as many as five units, and sold this is the only one equipped with a light interior.

According to sales information provided by the PACE-Germany, this vehicle is still very well maintained and has never experienced the slightest accident. This vehicle has just undergone a service in France. This vehicle is opened at a price of US$ 2 million.

For those who are interested can contact GTspirit or PACE-Germany.


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