Will Ferrell appeared in the movie comedy drama, this time appearing in Spanish-language comedy film, "Casa De Mi Padre". He serves as a rancher who failed, Armando Alvarez. As a rancher Will adept at horseback riding, other than that he is also an expert in matters of fire because of the instinct of his ancestors as a cowboy.

"Casa De Mi Padre" tells the story of Armando Alvarez (Will) who lived and worked in his father's ranch in Mexico. Livestock are always having financial difficulties, the younger brother Armando, Raul (Diego Luna) who appeared with her ​​new fiance named Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). With Raul's success as an international businessman, all seemed much easier if Raul would promise to repay all his debts.

But Armando fell in love with Sonia, a state increasingly worse as they become known that the business carried on Raul was illegal. They are trapped in a war with the most feared drug dealers, Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal).

Helped enliven this film namely Efren Ramirez, Hector Jimenee, Adrian Martinez, Pedro Armendariz Jr. and Mariann Gavelo. The plan, film production midget Entertainment will release this year.

"Casa De Mi Padre" Trailer:


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