"Cowboys and Aliens" film Director, Jon Favreau, has presented the new trailer aired during "American Idol". Not far different with the first version released last year via Yahoo! Movies, the second version, also becoming a feature Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) with a special weapon that terlingkar bracelet on his wrist.

Meanwhile, one of the new scene that appears is when Jake got beat Ella from behind when he tried to rebel when they wanted to arrest. Ella tries to interrogate Jake curious to find out the identity of the man himself, but Jake also has no idea who he was.

Set in 1873 in Arizona, Jake, who lost his memory Absolution stranded in a small town located in the desert. Without knowing who he was, he was captured by a herd of cowboys who intend to take him to town.

Slowly, he knows his true identity as a fugitive. However, as will be brought to trial by Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and his army, aliens came suddenly attacked the town of Absolution and kidnapped a number of residents. Together Ella (Olivia Wilde), Colonel Woodrow and Apache Indians, Jake helps citizens to survive the alien attack.

The film "Cowboys and Aliens" which was adapted from the graphic novel series titled the same essay Scott Mitchell Rosenberg in 2006 will be premiered around July.

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer 2 (2011):


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