Snoop Dogg's desire to collaborate with one of her best friend David Beckham, finally materialized.

"I love designing baby clothes and baby shoes with David," said Snoop Dogg in Mirror. "It will be very famous. It's also great news for David and Victoria will soon be cradling a baby."

Snoop Dogg, this time he has made ​​some sketches for a collection of baby clothes and shoes. He hopes to soon develop a creative idea was with David when Snoop Dogg held three concerts in the UK around July.

They have the same taste in music and David often used as a consultant for Snoop's new album before the album was released.

"Whenever I make an album, I gave him a copy before the album was finished. He's like my brother. I want to teach him how to rap," says Snoop Dogg. "He was my chum. I love football just as he also likes hip-hop. David needs to keep the personality it. He was a good father."


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