Helen Mirren, Ciaran Hinds and Tom Wilkinson (old age) in "The Debt", disturbed because of their past as an Israeli Mossad agent. 30 years ago they were on a mission to assassinate Nazi war criminals.

"The Debt" is a remake of Israeli film entitled "HaHov". With his background in 1965 and 1992, recalled the past with life lived today. Three young Israeli Mossad agent, Rachel, Stefan and David, assigned to a mission track down a Nazi war criminal, Vogel, in East Berlin. The success they had completed the task well respected by the state to make all three for decades. However, the appearance of a man claiming to be a member of the Nazis, making them must be vigilant. Can these three agents uncover the truth about the real man?

Film director John Madden will be released August 31. The stars include Sam Worthington (young David), Jessica Chastain (Rachel Young), Marton Csokas (Stefan young), Jesper Christensen (Vogel) and Romi Aboulafia (Sarah).

"The Debt" - Official Trailer:


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