Anemia can impair your daily activities because it can lead to fatigue and decreased physical functioning and mental health. Anemia also cause disease, difficulty breathing and heart complications.

Anemia caused by the quality and quantity of food sources of iron are low, iron needs are increased due to accelerated growth.

To meet the needs of iron, can follow the diet with foods rich in iron. Iron needs also vary by age, can apply the appropriate diet.

For infants, breast milk is the right choice. Babies are not recommended to drink cow's milk. Adolescent and adult women need 18mg a day. Medically, pregnant women need 30-60mg of iron and women post-menopause require 8-10mg of iron per day.

To meet the needs of body iron, eat foods such as meat, eggs, turkey, chicken, shellfish and shrimp. All these foods contain heme iron. This type of iron most easily absorbed by the body.

For vegetarians, get the iron from the cereal with a variety of nutritional, pasta, bread, peas, beans and vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, potatoes, nuts and syrup.

The following list of foods you need to improve and that needs to be limited to avoid anemia:

foods consumption:
1. Hem iron (meat, poultry, fish, sea food origin)
2. Promoter (which can increase the absorption of iron): vitamin C from fruits and vegetables
3. Some foods that are fermented or soaked (to reduce the phytate)

food consumption:1. Containing phytate: cereals, nuts, grains, flour
2. Tea, coffee, chocolate
3. Calcium (mainly from milk and processed products)


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