Diet with Olive Oil

Olive is a healthy fruit to eat. The Greeks, the olive is a symbol of nobility and peace. Olives to lose weight.

Wikipedia, Olive (Olea europaea) is a small tree annual young fruit can be eaten raw or preserved as a refresher after. The old fruit is squeezed and the oil is extracted into olive oil that can be used for various purposes.

Olive oil can stabilize cholesterol levels and effective for diets. One of the substances that are most readily absorbed by unsaturated.

This oil can also be used for frying or sauteing and added to the dish spicy and sour food. Able to process meat so that it feels more leverage.

This oil is a substitute for butter or margarine. The best way to use olive oil is by dipping your favorite spices in it for a few days. Then you only use the oil for seasoning salads or sauces.


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