Beyonce Knowles fulfill his desire to make a new breakthrough in his fourth album. Beyonce music videos through the cultivation process which will be one single flagship.

Track is being prepared by Beyonce is currently titled "Girl". Beyonce want to review about the empowerment of women. Reported by MTV, Beyonce will involve 200 people African dancers in music videos.

Beyonce will take the dancers were to Los Angeles to undergo filming. In addition, she also practiced to learn some choreographed movements that will be integrated with their dance. Their overall appearance can be witnessed in the music video "Girl" is predicted to be released around June.

Beyonce is also involved in a campaign of action to combat obesity levels in children. As a form of participation that, Beyonce creates a new version of the song "Move Your Body".

Reported by Politico, Beyonce action is fully supported by Michelle Obama through its program entitled "Let's Move!". In addition, they also formed a partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in healthy eating campaign on the benefits and importance of exercise to children junior high schools, May 3.

Video recording when Beyonce undergo training sessions for "Let's Move!" program:


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