You want to be a rocker? Iggy Pop, craziest American Idol performance. Singing his 1986 hit "Real Wild Child ", in the hope it that all young people like watching him on TV for what he was doing.

Did you enjoy Iggy Pop's performance?

At some point, even legends have become caricatures of themselves. Iggy gets our props, not to give in true rock and roll spirit, a flying, if he shows an excellent performance delivered to a competition he would have bombed back in 1969 anyway. The man is a rock legend and that is why he was there Thursday (April 7) night.

Are not necessarily fans of the seminal band's Iggy, The Stooges, was left shaken may have and a little confused. Forgetting is it ever happened and keep humming Constantine Maroulis's rendition of "Unchained Melody".


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