James Cameron described the figure of the brave and not rational. And raced to produce works of great and original.

He is capable of charming audiences around the world because of his film, Avatar. 3D film was successfully achieved a profit of more than U.S. $ 2.7 Billion.

3-D technology with a revolutionary and innovative camera technology he designed, Cameron can see the actor in the form of computer generated on screen.

James Cameron was awarded Harold Award International 3D Society on February 9.

He and Vince Pace will be a guest on the show 3D Fusion which will be held on Monday (4/11/2011) in Las Vegas. Who will discuss 3D entertainment technologies.

Cameron and Pace
plans to discuss the future of 3D film cameras. And develop Sony Fusion 3D camera system that is paired with two Sony HDC-F950 camera. Cameron recently have urged the production of the film to update the 3D format.


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