Justin Bieber fans should hold disappointed. Justin decided to stop using your Twitter account to the extent not specified.

"I'm just eager to go on stage and perform entertaining," wrote Justin in Twitter on April 12. "I want to take a break from Twitter and enjoying this time with my family."

Before you stop using Twitter, Justin convey a sense of frustration, because it dragged on political issues. Political controversy erupted about the cancellation rumors Justin meeting with Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

"We received a request from Justin to meet with the prime minister. Benjamin would like to invite Justin to visit the children in Israel are affected by violence in Gaza," said a statement from the Benjamin's office, Ynet News reported. "The prime minister did not see this as a political issue."

In contrast to a statement from the office of Benjamin, Justin never asked to meet with Benjamin. Justin Manager, Scooter Braun, claimed that the report was "ridiculous".

Not only is annoyed with political issues in Israel, Justin is also frustrating to face the paparazzi there. In fact, Justin's glad to be in Israel and want to see historic sites.

Israel is famous for aggressive paparazzi make Justin can not be all appear in public. They always follow Justin all the time without stopping. So Justin more languishing in his hotel.

After appearing in Israel, Justin will continue his tour to Southeast Asia and Australia.


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