Justin Bieber wrote new songs. Reportedly he will release the music works in this year.

"Who wrote a few songs," writes Justin on Twitter. "It was fun to create piece of music that will come out later this year and the record is going to take place in the summer."

Justin did not explain in detail about the songs he made. Ne-Yo and Sean Garrett is a musician who was involved in the project.

"I wrote to Justin but found it in a very long time since I was 16 years old," said Ne-Yo. "This song is not growing as you like, 'He (Justin) did not know anything about it', but it's not chewing gum are eaten by children."

"What we are trying to do for Justin is on the side of his maturity," said Sean added. "One thing that is great from the figure of Justin Bieber is the fans come grow with him. So, we want to keep them excited but apart from that we also want to give a little peace and make the 22-23 year-old fan who also likes Justin."


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