Monster's Ball Concert, Houston - When Lady GaGa ready to achieve success because the new release two versions of "Born This Way" with the flow of Indian music, even calamity strikes.

E! News
, GaGa fell while standing on the chair and the piano when a Monster's Ball concert in Houston. Initially, GaGa appears attractive enough to bring the single "You and I" with the flow of rock music. GaGa first slip with his head hit the floor.

The accident was not until a severe injury. GaGa can still wake up and continue the re-appearance brought the single "You and I".

"The incident took place during the middle of the show," said one fan, Eric Souknary (18). "The people witnessed the incident and I think they would not mind if after the incident, the GaGa directly descended from the stage to receive medical treatment. But she was very professional and remained on stage to finish concert in front of the fans. It is amazing to watch. "

Lady Gaga's Onstage Wipeout Video:


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