NBA star LeBron James, as one of the owners of Premier League club 'Liverpool'.

Occurred after LeBron, binding contract with the Fenway Sports Group (FSG).

FSG is the owner of The Reds and Boston Red Sox baseball club and working with sports marketing firm LRMR Brading & Marketing.

In contract, LeBron get a share of stock ownership of The Reds club. According to The Wall Street Journal, is the first time a famous athlete in one branch are interested in buying the club from a different sport, but more popular in selurh world.

"This will be a very strong partnership," said Tom Werner, an owner of the FSM along with John Henry. "Few athletes are able to integrate her success and global popularity."

"We are pleased James has become a large family of Liverpool FC,​​" Werner said again. "Both LeBron and Liverpool are well known throughout the world, especially Asia."


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