Beautiful beach, and a natural atmosphere, a mix that you want to feel. In the Mediterranean, you can find beaches like this. Some places are very remote, while others can be achieved easily.

Here's a beautiful beach, you will find rest for private with beautiful natural scenery.

1. Cabo de Gata, Spain

The most beautiful beach and bustling, in between large cliffs and headland at the eastern Almeria, dark volcanic hills stands firmly above the shimmering turquoise ocean. The beach is still a sense of the wild with scattered fishing villages.

2. Tyrrhenian coast, Italy

May be short (about 20 miles) but beautiful. Sandwiched between Calabria and Cilento peninsula, hidden bays with sandy beaches with magnificent coastal cliffs.

3. Kamenjak, Croatia

Rugged beauty of the wild from a small peninsula. Kamenjak showing expanse of plants, shrubs and wild flowers with a few tracks the journey. A series of rocky bays and secluded beaches surrounded by a sea of ​​blue-green.

4. Lustica Peninsula, Montenegro

Sprawled clean beaches and popular. At the base of the peninsula, Radovici, you will find Przno. White sand beach surrounded by a horseshoe of green shrubs, pine trees and olive trees.

Tour boat into the Blue Grotto (Plava Spilja) fascinating because of the effects of light that bounce through the water. The boat will take you into the cave with 9 meters high.

5. Kabak, Turkey

Secluded beach, anyone who is seeking solitude and ketanangan heavenly. The steep road towards Kabak, you will be rewarded with spectacular beaches and empty cliffs flanked by two long. Kabak is a place for camping and trekking enthusiasts, fans of yoga who seek tranquility and beauty.

6. Gokceada, Turkey

Gokceada (Heavenly Island), places of interest with some dramatic scenery. A good place to escape after visiting Gallipoli. You can visit the beach at Aydincik which became part of the island, bordering the Tuz Golu (Salt Lake). There is also a smaller beach in Kapıkaya and Ugurlu.

7. Cap de Favartix, Menorca, Spain

Rough and rocky, and beautiful little bay. By foot, you will find some of the best beaches. Cap de Favartix, a narrow rocky promontory at the northern end of the Parc des Grau Nature S'Albufera. Beautiful underwater with a view to the lighthouse. Cape south elongated secluded bay and fine sandy beaches, including Cala Presili and Platja d'en Tortuga, both of which are accessible only by foot.

8. Banyuls, France

More known for its wine than its beach scene. The soumarin Sentier, trail under water as deep as 500 meters at the Plage de Peyrefite, between Banyuls and snorkeling Cerbère offers a unique experience for free.

9. Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy

Cala Gonone is amazing. With hotels, bars and restaurants, became a very good start to explore the small bay on the beautiful Sardinian coast. For the best beaches, Grotta del blooming Marino, a cave complex. From there, follow a series of bays and beaches, Cala Luna and Cala Sisine with green valleys to the cobalt blue waters of Cala Cala Goloritze Mariolu and extraordinary.

10. Peninsula Delimara, Malta

Good point swim along the coast. Although it's difficult to find, but the nature referred Lido Swimming Peter worth seeking. The nearest village, Marsaxlokk, which has a photogenic harbor filled with colorful fishing boats. The village is also famous seafood restaurant.


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