Dmitry Medvedev (Russian President) irate after learning that his personal blog can not be used for one hour on Thursday (04/06/2011), caused by hackers.

Medvedev Blog became the target of hackers denial of service, through LiveJournal. Russia, LiveJournal is known as the host for the 4.7 million bloggers who were there. And Medvedev blog entry in LiveJournal.

''I have accepted the appeal in connection with the attacks carried out against LiveJournal. As an active user (LiveJournal), I consider it disgusting and illegal actions,''wrote Medvedev.

He also ordered that law enforcement agencies and the administration LiveJournal, examine what is happening on the blog president.

Another incident, according to the newspaper Novaya Gazeta (www.novayagazeta.ru) is also a target of hackers. The attack carried out on the same day. The report hacker attacks from Alexander Gostev (expert antivirus) from Internet security firm Kaspersky Labs in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio.


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