Andy Murray has regained its best form. After the decline and never win in the last three months, Murray began to rediscover her confidence. Hadangan able to successfully pass through the semi-finals after beat Frederico Gil, 6-2 6-1.

Murray had to deal with Rafael Nadal. It is a difficult mission for Murray. Murray confirmed will still attempt to give the best to be able to end the dominance of Nadal who was eyeing his seventh consecutive title in this event.

"Nadal is a very difficult opponent to beat. But, you must still believe can win, "said Murray was quoted as saying SportingLife, Saturday (16/04/2011).

"I am ambitious to win the game. To win, you need the right attitude when playing. I always enjoy each battle against Nadal. This will be a big test for me, "he continued.

Throughout history, Murray and Nadal are listed have clashed 13 times. The result, Nadal far surpass Murray with nine victories. Duel two players this time also a semi-final replay the same event party in 2009. At that time, Murray must recognize the benefits that Nadal won 6-2 7-6(4).


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