L.A. - The founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, traveling the world, said it plans to explore the bottom of the ocean in the world with submarines.

"5.5 meters long submarine can dive at depths of 11 thousand meters below sea level," said Branson in a press conference in Newport Beach, California.

The project, called Virgin Oceanic, do not you make five dives in two years, the first planned in 2011, traces the Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean, a depth of about 10,972 meters.

Branson plans to drive his own second dive into Puerto Rico Trench in Atlantic Ocean.

Other Regions, Trench Molloy in the Arctic Ocean, South Sandwich Trench in Indian territory south and Diamantina in Indian Ocean.

"Too much of the ocean to be explored and too many who want to observe," Branson said to the reporter.

"We definitely will go to some amazing creatures and learn some fascinating things that are expected to be useful for human life," he added.

Branson said that if he hoped that the project would be funded U.S. $ 10 million.

Branson, Virgin Oceanic a day to load passengers dive into the sea floor, such as project Virgin Galactic to fly the passengers to the layer of sub-orbital space.

In March, Virgin Galactic plane is attached to the parent in making three-hour flight over the Mojave Desert, California.


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