Sony's latest camcorders. Sony launches latest camcorders HDR-P J50 / PJ30 / PJ10, which has the ability to record and project the video anywhere and anytime.

Body small, 58.5 x 64.5 x 116.5 mm, there is a mini projector paneled 3-inch LCD, to project images up to 60 inches on the wall of the roof, or other flat surface.

Stereo loudspeakers with the clear phase and S-Master digital amplifier, produces a clear sound, dynamic, even when combined with a projector.

Sony plans to start marketing it and HDR-PJ30, HDR-PJ10 in April 2011, and HDR-PJ50 began in May 2011.

Sony started selling camcorders HDR-PJ30 is worth US$ 949.99, HDR-PJ10 us$ 699.99, and HDR-PJ50 US$ 999.99, which is equipped with bonus Carrying Case and Extra Battery.


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