Sylvester Stallone action movie project involved, "Headshot". But, the director who was appointed to refine the film, Wayne Kramer, state backward.

Sly find a replacement, substitute Wayne, was named filmmaker who is now also a film producer aliens, "Prometheus", Walter Hill.

"It was official. We get a Walter Hill be sure to be enjoyable for you to tell this news to the world," Sly said in his email on the site Isn't It Cool News. "We have long wanted to work in 'The Driver' (1978) and '48 Hours (1982)" but it did not happen then this is where we meet. After nearly 35 years later, I was finally able to work with Walter Hill. "

According to the plan, "Headshot" scheduled for filming in Louisiana and New York around May. Cultivation of the script worked playwright of "The Messenger", Alessandro Camon.

In the movie, Sly act as hired killers intent on revenge for the death of his partner. He then worked with a young NYPD detective who is also the same fate with Sly. Two different profession then investigate the case to find the mastermind behind the murder of their colleague.


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