Vegan Diet - Kidney disease can be caused partly by excess toxins, diabetes, hypertension, anemia, and lupus. Affect the body's ability to remove dirt, maintain chemical balance, and maintain fluid balance in the body.

Symptoms of kidney problems on the swelling of the hands and feet. You can minimize the problems of the kidney with a vegetarian diet. Try some suggestions below:

a. Diet rich in vegetables and fruit reduces the risk of body flooded with saturated fat, refined sugar, and processed foods. Asparagus, celery, bananas, carrots and cucumbers are rich in chlorine. Helps build and repair tissue damaged nerve. Legumes such as soybeans are rich in amino acid arginine for kidney function.

b. Avoid meat, eggs, chocolate, tea, and spinach because it is difficult processed body.

c. To keep from fluctuating blood sugar levels, eat five snacks a day.

d. Avoid fast food because they contain high sodium. But it can eat vegetable burgers.

e. Choose foods that are baked rather than fried, can tempeh, bananas, or other vegetables.

f. Vegetable soup, the right choice for dinner after a day of work.


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