Blackberry - What is advantage Playbook? The following Playbook features review:

Body gestures
No need to search for and press the button for the operation of the tablet supported gestures from other devices. This technology is suitable for touch-sensitive panel.

Stellar Speaker
Mobile devices often take shortcuts to save a few bucks using wimpy speakers, but RIM does not. Two speakers produce sound more solid Playbook.

Convenient Interface
The new interface with QNX operating system look better than webOS HP. Use a large screen that is driven by a touch of easy operation of this mobile device.

Amazon Cloud Player
Supported Adobe Flash Player, streaming audio and music sound good. But the music will stop when switching tabs in the browser or application.

Solid Camera
Playbook camera sensors and dual-core OMAP processor produces perfect images and record 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

QNX operating system is able to handle multitasking well. Hardware capable of maintaining the application to run smoothly.

Full-magnitude Browser
Playbook be good surfing device because it only hit once in the menu bar, with various tabs and zoom feature.


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