San Diego - American counterterrorism officials suspect Anwar Al Awlaki hiding in Yemen. Anwar Al Awlaki into the spotlight for allegedly strong will be a substitute for Osama Bin Laden, to lead al-Qaeda.

An expert, Steve Clemons, May 5, 2011, said Awlaki not require guidance from other Al Qaeda leaders. According to Clemons, Awlaki indeed aspire to replace bin Laden. "I think he's eager for it," he said.

In the UK, very intense Awlaki fanatical recruits through the Internet. In an e-mail he says, "option you can operate with pipe bomb, kill, or use a firearm in a location that met the enemy."

The Sun never contacted using the email teaser Awlaki. They managed to get confirmation that the threat is directed at an innocent British citizens. The Sun also managed to find out how Al-Qaeda to recruit new students through the Internet.


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