Vacation is needed by everyone. For women who want to travel around the world, this is the best tourist attractions in the world:

1. Outlying Island Bahamas
You are looking for a place far from the various activities, try going to the Bahamas with a cruise ship that brought you to a remote island in the world.

2. Paris, France
You want shopping? Paris City, France is the most important city for the famous model. You also can drop it into the River Seine or the Eiffel Tower.

3. India
In India you can go to the palace of luxury or remote villages and slums. Be as people demonstrate yoga in India in a special gym.

4. Amsterdam
Most local people there speak English and friendly. You can enjoy the sights and around Amsterdam.

5. Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai Island is very beautiful and give positive energy. Kauai is Hawaii's oldest island full of legends about the goddess who created and led the people.


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