El Clasico - Real Madrid unpleasant situation. As a result of punishment, they also have lost some important figures.

Most crucial is Jose Mourinho. Mourinho Wolfgang Stark sent off in the match at Santiago Bernabeu last week. Since Mourinho protesting the red card given to Pepe.

The sentence makes Mourinho's absence from the bench in the second match at Camp Nou on Wednesday (05/04/2011).

The second figure to be absent is Pepe. Pepe get a red card after the referee judged dangerous violation of Dani Alves. However, a debate.

Madrid's official site was launched against Pepe Dachshund Alves scene. The site shows several pieces of drawings, and from several pieces of the picture looked leg Alves Pepe was on foot.

Lost Pepe, Madrid also had to lose Sergio Ramos, because of accumulated yellow cards.

If qualified for the finals, Madrid also had to warn some of his players to be careful. Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul Albiol, Angel Di Maria and Emmanuel Adebayor missed if we can be sure once again hit by a yellow card.

This is fortunate to Barcelona. They must be at least a draw in the Champions League second leg.

Who will win and qualify for Champions League Final? Barcelona or Real Madrid.


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