Last summer, Europeans and Americans busy doing extreme activities. Some of them went to the dry hills or choose the sea. Like what their activities?

1. French Polynesia
Kiteboarding, a vast lagoon in Apataki, French Polynesia (French Polynesia) place.

2. Lower Wind River Waterfall, Oregon
Here the people will take action freefall from the top of Waterfall Lower Wind River with a boat, kayak.

3. Outside Avalanche, Oahu
The surfers were challenged 60-foot waves crashing.

4. Trout Creek, Oregon
Trout Creek, climbers will go up into the crack of stone walls that folded.

5. Baja, Mexico
For you fans of dirt bike / gestrek, visit to Baja California, Mexico.

6. Norway
BASE Jumping in Kjerag from 3609 feet altitude, where it is often used to practice parachute or climbing.

7. Australia
You can follow extreme paragliding competition at the City of Manilla.

8. Devils Hole, Cuba
Devil's Hole is a term for the Cuban rock walls that slide into. Only people who have the courage was the one who is able to dive (scuba diving) entered into the stone with floodlights.

9. Primal Quest, Utah
Flying fox in the dry plains of Primal Quest, Moab, Utah. Largest expedition adventure with trajectory along the 400 miles.

10. Potomac River, Virginia
Only with a board, you are also challenged to keep upright on a small flowing water.


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