"American Idol" - Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull to present the single "Get on the Floor" (05/05/2011). J. Lo destroy the glass with legs and hands to free a dancer. J. Lo gives interesting treats through the action choreography and try to interact with the audience to ask them to dance.

"You can expect to get something fun. I do not want to give a lot of things. But, you know we're going to get there and do what we want to do," says J. Lo told MTV before the show. "It would be very nice. I'm not going to tell you about what song we sing, I just want you to watch it."

Jennifer Lopez admitted Lady GaGa is one of the figures behind the success of the album "Love?" (2011). GaGa turns out has helped J. Lo write and produced the album is his seventh.

"I want to ask you some questions and discuss about the album 'Love?'," says J.Lo. "I want to make a great dance and rhythmic album well. We get it. I have a great producer who helped me do that. They (GaGa and RedOne) helped me to get into the music industry with all of that and it turns out we were able to do it."

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull - "Dance on the Floor" (American Idol Performance 2011) video:


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